Years ago, Reserve shuttles darted back and forth across the US on some of these routes. However it appears that these cannot be relied on any more to plan trips.
They are left here for reference in case they can be useful..

The Reserve/Guard Shuttles usually follow the week end Unit drill schedule dates. typical show 1400 to 1600 hrs. Fridays. The return trip will be approx.1500 to1700hrs. Sun. on same week end. These flights are somewhat predictable accept when a holiday falls on the drill schedule date ( no drill).The drill date will move. Always call ahead to verify the flight. If you are trying to get to smaller city out of way this would be a predictable flight because it is reoccurring each month. Some larger Reserve centers may have two large Units drilling on consecutive week ends may offer a possibility to go with one unit and return with the second unit. There is a possiblity of combing with other space-A flights Again must call to verify. Do not expect to get Gov. lodging it will most probably be occupied on drill week ends.

(addition provided by Joe)

By Popular Demand, Reservist and ANG shuttles will now be included (attempted anyway) as an addendum to the Flight Destination Database. 

Since Reserve shuttle information is barely visible on our radar, I can only provide very basic routing information. This is a work in progress, so any suggestions are welcome. 

Charleston >Jacksonville NAS>MacDill>Homestead>Dobbins

Salt Lake City> McChord> Fairchild ....discontinued
Langley> Davison
McChord>Fairchild>Mcchord - disontinued
Charleston>Jax>Macdill>Homestead>Dobbins (recently discovered on Charleston's Reporting. Thanks!)....discontinued
Louisville Ky>Niagara Falls
Little Rock AFB > Millington Muni, TN > Dobbins ARB, GA > Keesler AFB
MacDill AFB > Keesler AFB
Little Rock>Millington Tn>Dobbins>Keesler
Macdill>Ellington Field, TX (RON)>Keesler

This portion of the FDD is handled manually, and is not updated due to the regularity of the ANG/Reservist shuttles. It is updated when a change has been noticed by a user. 

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